My name is Brad.  I’m a father of three, a husband to my beautiful wife, a former state trooper, and a licensed minister.  The most important thing to my heart, beside my family, is my faith in God.  I started this blog in an effort to not just get healthy, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  This is not so much about meeting certain goals but more about overcoming obstacles and being more disciplined in my health habits.

What I would like to change is eating more organic, less processed foods, and for my overall energy level to increase.  Recently, I was dancing with my daughters in the living room and it was simply just a special moment.  As I was enjoying their grace and beauty, my mind went back to many times over the past several years where precious moments like those were lost because of the way I felt.  Chronic fatigue, gout, acid reflux, and other nagging health issues have been a major obstacle to me fully enjoying life and my family

You’ve heard it said that a person scraped the bottom of the barrel.  I was at that point in my life seven years ago.  That time of stress really took a toll on my overall health but slowly over time have regained order back into my life.  My wife and I have undergone a complete transformation and my health really is the last leg of this new life that we are now experiencing.

Part of this journey is accepting where I am right now.  In the videos I will cover diet, exercise, supplements, recipes, and my thoughts on the different things that I am trying.  I  invite you to join me on this journey of regaining a healthy lifestyle so we can live the way God intended, full of life and energy.



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