The Natural Path

We recently went to see a naturopathic doctor in Arkansas over our holiday visit.  Through this visit, I made some discoveries about my health – some that were expected and some that were surprises.  I’ve never been to this type of doctor before.  My only experience with docs has been the typical family practice.

The process this doctor used was called biofeedback.  It took about 2 hours and answering alot of questions.  Based on the information received through the biofeedback, these are the supplements I am currently taking and what they are taken for.  I will be adding more supplements along the journey as I finish each round.  All of these can be found at your local health food store and come from natural substances.


In the morning:

1 tbsp. colloidal silver for bacteria and viruses (anti-infection)

1 dropper full of kidney stim

1 capful of mistletoe extract made up of wormwood and echinacea for parasites

2000 mg of vitamin C (can be spread out through the day) for energy and immune health

100 mg vitamin B6 for kidney health

1 tsp of liquid coQ10 for kidney health

1 dropper full of oregano oil (tastes bad, get capsules if you can) also for digestive parasites ingested from food poisoning

5 drops of iodine for digestive bacteria and thyroid health

4 capsules of L-cysteine for immune health (helps with exposure to heavy metals like fillings)

In the evening:

400-500 mg of magnesium for kidney health

1 dropper full of kidney stim

1 capful of mistletoe extract

4 capsules of L-cysteine

The doctor said after 10 days of taking the mistletoe, colloidal silver, and vitamin C my energy level would double.  I would have to say that what he said is correct.  I have been on the supplements now for 2 weeks and my energy level has increased dramatically.

I do not recommend taking these liquid supplements straight.  They taste terrible.  The colloidal silver really has no taste, and is actually great to give your kids, but the others are gross.  So, here is what we do to make it better.  We mix a small amount of orange juice with a small amount of club soda.  We then pour in our vitamin C flavored packet.  Our favorite is the acai berry flavor.  After that we add all the liquid supplements into what we call our ‘cocktail’.  You really can’t taste much of the supplements at all.

Another great benefit to taking these supplements so far is that our appetites have been drastically decreased.  We can only attribute that to the fact that your body craves what it needs and we, alot of times, try to meet those needs with quick processed foods.  The doctor gave us a handy sign to post within sight.  It brings a little laugh each time we see it but holds so much truth.

Be blessed!